De Angelis, Barbara

Barbara De Angelis

Barbara De Angelis is one of America's leading experts on relationships and personal growth. As a best-selling author and motivational speaker, she has reached millions of people with her positive messages about love, happiness, and the search for meaning in our lives.

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How Did I Get Here? Finding Your Way to Renewed Hope and Happiness When Life and Love Take Unexpected Turns by Barbara De Angelis (Paperback – May, 2006)



What Women Want Men to Know: The Ultimate Book About Love, Sex and Relationships by Barbara De Angelis (Paperback – Aug 2002)



Are You the One for Me? Knowing Who’s Right & Avoiding Who’s Wrong by Barbara De Angelis (Paperback – May 1994)

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Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know by Barbara De Angelis (Paperback – Sep, 1992)