Carroll, Lee

Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll – Kryon was originally an audio engineer. In 1989 he began to channel the teachings of the non-physical entity ‘Kryon’, to help humans "ascend to a higher vibrational level.” In addition to eleven Kryon books, he has also written on ‘Indigo Children’, a new generation of children which represent an evolution in human consciousness.

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Kryon Book 1 – The End of Times: New Information for Personal Peace by Lee Carroll-Kryon (Paperback – Oct, 1993)



Kryon Book 2 – Don’t Think Like a Human: Channeled Answers to Basic Questions by Lee Carroll-Kryon (Paperback – Sep, 1994)



Kryon Book 12 – The Twelve Layers of DNA by Lee Carroll-Kryon (Paperback – Sep, 2010)

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Kryon Book 5 – The Journey Home by Lee Carroll-Kryon (Paperback – May, 1998)