Workshops and Events


Dramatic change can be triggered at a Workshop or Event

Workshops and Events can be a springboard to rapid change by providing amazing new insights about old assumptions—and profound revelations about ourselves. Workshops are usually inter-active, enabling you to do work on a personal level. Events on the other hand, may take the form of a lecture or presentation by an established expert, usually with some time allotted for questions and answers. Both formats include the dynamics of a group environment—plus a pervasive positive energy that most participants find very uplifting. As you begin your search it doesn’t hurt to tell yourself what your intentions are, such as, “to find the workshop or event that is perfect for you at this time”—you might be surprised at what will come up.

Here are some ways to locate a Workshop or Event in your area:

  1. Do an internet search using the name of the subject that interests you, plus the name of your area (e.g. “self improvement workshops – Ohio,” or “personal growth seminars – Atlanta,” or “alternative healing workshops – Calgary,” or “self help events – Tacoma,” etc, etc.)
  2. Look for listings or ads about workshops and events in local holistic living magazines or directories. Many communities have such magazines published for people interested in natural health, alternative therapies, holistic services, etc. These publications are often distributed free at local health food stores, organic food markets, yoga studios, alternative health practitioners, etc.
  3. From my Reading List visit the websites of the authors that interest you and see if they have any activities planned for your area—many of them travel across the continent conducting workshops and events. These usually attract large audiences and garner rave reviews

There are numerous online directories that contain relevant listings. Here are a few you can browse:  (click on Events)  (search for “workshops”)  (click on Directory)

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