Meetup Groups


For stimulation, knowledge and fun attend a Meetup Group

The online social networking portal “” enables persons with common interests to find informal gatherings held in their area on a broad range of subjects. Currently, over 2,000 different groups meet in cities spanning the globe. The gatherings are usually low in cost, by donation, or free and typically range from informal group discussions to fully structured presentations. There is often opportunity for interaction, so the richest learning sometimes comes from the comments of others in the group. You may need to try attending a few different groups to find the ones that feel right to you.

Here is a link to the Meetup website where you can search by subject and city (try search terms such as: “Spiritualism,” “Consciousness,” “Metaphysics”). Click to find a Meetup Group

Here is an example of a thriving group in my area which provides a mix of educational and social events, all held in the spirit of the “new thinking” and personal growth: Soul City Meetup – Toronto

Attending a Meetup Group can be both enlightening and fun—why not give it a try!

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