How to get started

What can you do to get started?

  1. Realize that the life you experience is largely driven by your beliefs, and your core beliefs are largely in place by the age of six. So, to change your life, the first step is to examine your beliefs and see if some of them are no longer serving you.
  2. There are literally hundreds of books, processes, workshops, programs, counselors and coaches that can help you examine your beliefs. Finding the method that is best for you may require some digging, so give yourself the gift of time and rely on your inner knowing to help you make choices.
  3. Permanent change will occur when you replace old limiting beliefs with new liberating beliefs. These should be consistent with your values and aspirations. Engraining these new beliefs may take some time and could require lots of repetition and reinforcement. Therefore, be patient with yourself and try to find something to enjoy every day―the payoff will be in the journey, not just reaching the goal.

Important: Your future will be the product of your thinking and emotions. Luckily, you can control them both. No matter what techniques you employ, be sure they make you feel good. Your “feelings” will always be your most powerful point of attraction.

Some information to help you explore

  1. Get a feeling for my change process by watching my short Videos which feature a series of “Want to make a change” questions.
  2. Get more information by browsing my Reading List—then visit each author’s website and see which messages resonate with you.
  3. Visit my Getting Support section where you can learn about local Meetup Groups, find interesting Workshops and Events, and locate a Counselor or Coach.
  4. Checkout my Resources page—it contains links to websites and directories which contain oodles of information on the “new thinking.”

Don’t delay, get started today—and remember this sage advice, “Once you start something, don’t worry about failure, and don’t abandon it. People who are actively pursuing a goal are the happiest.”

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